Kids Cake Pop Class
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Kids Cake Pop Class

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This class is for kids of all ages (parents may need to stay for the littles comfort, but big kids are fine to be dropped).

We will first bake the vanilla cupcakes (these bake and cool faster than a full cake)  and while they're baking the kids will get to choose which flavour frosting they'd like and we will make all of the different flavours for their cake pops. We will choose chocolate colours and sprinkles and all the goods for decorating  so that by the time the cupcakes are done and cooled, we will be ready to go! 

I will walk them through the entire process of how to mix them, roll them, chill them, dip them, decorate them, and then they will get to take home 6 cake pops that they have worked hard to make!

This class will be about 2 hours in length but may run a little longer depending on kids ages and skill levels. 

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